25 Best International ​Destinations for ​Solo Travel

Solo Travel


​Traveling solo ​is a transformative ​experience that ​offers freedom, self-discovery, ​and personal ​growth. Exploring the ​world alone ​allows you to ​immerse yourself ​in new cultures, ​make new ​friends, and step ​out of ​your comfort zone. ​In this ​article, we will ​explore 25 ​of the best ​international destinations ​for solo travel. ​From breathtaking ​natural landscapes to ​vibrant cities, ​these places offer ​unforgettable experiences ​for the adventurous ​solo traveler.

​Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto’s ​rich history, ​ancient temples, and ​serene gardens ​make it an ​ideal destination ​for solo travelers ​seeking tranquility ​and cultural immersion. ​Wander through ​the enchanting bamboo ​forests of ​Arashiyama, visit the ​iconic Fushimi ​Inari Shrine, and ​indulge in ​traditional tea ceremonies.

​Reykjavik, Iceland
​Iceland’s capital city, ​Reykjavik, is ​a great destination ​for solo ​travelers who love ​adventure and ​breathtaking landscapes. Explore ​geothermal hot ​springs, marvel at ​the Northern ​Lights, and venture ​into the ​vast wilderness of ​the Icelandic ​countryside.

Barcelona, Spain
​Barcelona’s vibrant ​atmosphere, stunning architecture, ​and lively ​street scenes make ​it perfect ​for solo travelers. ​Discover Gaudi’s ​masterpieces like the ​Sagrada Familia, ​soak up the ​sun at ​the city’s beautiful ​beaches, and ​savor delicious tapas ​at local ​eateries.

Queenstown, New ​Zealand
Known ​as the adventure ​capital of ​the world, Queenstown ​offers an ​array of thrilling ​activities for ​solo travelers. From ​bungee jumping ​and skydiving to ​hiking in ​Fiordland National Park, ​adrenaline-seekers will ​find their paradise ​here.

Berlin, ​Germany
As a ​melting pot ​of history, culture, ​and art, ​Berlin provides a ​stimulating experience ​for solo travelers. ​Explore the ​remnants of the ​Berlin Wall, ​visit world-class museums, ​and enjoy ​the city’s vibrant ​nightlife.

Bali, ​Indonesia
Bali’s picturesque ​landscapes, rich ​spiritual culture, and ​friendly locals ​create a captivating ​destination for ​solo travelers. Relax ​on pristine ​beaches, participate in ​yoga and ​meditation retreats, and ​explore ancient ​temples.

Edinburgh, Scotland
​Edinburgh’s historic ​charm, stunning architecture, ​and literary ​heritage make it ​an alluring ​city for solo ​travelers. Wander ​through the medieval ​streets of ​the Old Town, ​hike up ​Arthur’s Seat for ​panoramic views, ​and attend the ​world-famous Edinburgh ​Festival.

Cape Town, ​South Africa
​Cape Town offers ​a unique ​blend of natural ​beauty and ​urban excitement. Climb ​Table Mountain, ​visit the Cape ​of Good ​Hope, and explore ​the city’s ​vibrant neighborhoods.

Bangkok, ​Thailand
Bangkok’s ​bustling streets, ornate ​temples, and ​vibrant markets create ​a sensory ​overload for solo ​travelers. Indulge ​in delectable street ​food, visit ​the Grand Palace, ​and cruise ​along the Chao ​Phraya River.

​Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver’s ​stunning waterfront, ​surrounded by mountains, ​offers breathtaking ​scenery for solo ​travelers. Explore ​Stanley Park, enjoy ​the city’s ​diverse culinary scene, ​and take ​in the views ​from Grouse ​Mountain.

Buenos Aires, ​Argentina
Buenos ​Aires, known for ​its tango ​culture and European ​flair, invites ​solo travelers to ​immerse themselves ​in its rich ​history and ​vibrant street life. ​Visit the ​Recoleta Cemetery, attend ​a tango ​show, and savor ​mouthwatering Argentine ​steaks.

Seoul, South ​Korea
Seoul’s ​modernity juxtaposed with ​ancient traditions ​provides an exciting ​destination for ​solo travelers. Discover ​the traditional ​palaces, shop in ​bustling markets, ​and enjoy the ​city’s dynamic ​K-pop culture.

Prague, ​Czech Republic
​Prague’s fairy-tale charm ​and stunning ​architecture make it ​a must-visit ​destination for solo ​travelers. Wander ​through the historic ​Old Town, ​explore Prague Castle, ​and cruise ​along the Vltava ​River.

New ​York City, USA
​As the ​city that never ​sleeps, New ​York City offers ​endless possibilities ​for solo travelers. ​Take in ​the iconic sights ​like Times ​Square and Central ​Park, explore ​museums and galleries, ​and experience ​the city’s diverse ​culinary scene.

​Chiang Mai, Thailand
​Chiang Mai’s ​laid-back atmosphere, stunning ​temples, and ​proximity to nature ​attract solo ​travelers seeking an ​authentic Thai ​experience. Attend a ​traditional Thai ​cooking class, explore ​Doi Suthep ​Temple, and interact ​with elephants ​in ethical sanctuaries.

​Lisbon, Portugal
​Lisbon’s captivating blend ​of history ​and modernity makes ​it a ​top destination for ​solo travelers. ​Discover the historic ​neighborhoods, indulge ​in delicious pastries, ​and take ​in panoramic views ​from the ​city’s miradouros (viewpoints).

​Sydney, Australia
​Sydney’s iconic landmarks, ​beautiful beaches, ​and friendly locals ​create a ​welcoming atmosphere for ​solo travelers. ​Climb the Sydney ​Harbour Bridge, ​relax on Bondi ​Beach, and ​explore the Royal ​Botanic Garden.

​Hanoi, Vietnam
Hanoi’s ​bustling street ​life, ancient temples, ​and mouthwatering ​street food provide ​a vibrant ​experience for solo ​travelers. Explore ​the Old Quarter, ​visit Hoan ​Kiem Lake, and ​indulge in ​a bowl of ​pho at ​a local eatery.

​Marrakech, Morocco
​Marrakech’s exotic charm, ​bustling souks, ​and stunning palaces ​create an ​immersive experience for ​solo travelers. ​Lose yourself in ​the labyrinthine ​streets of the ​Medina, visit ​the Bahia Palace, ​and experience ​the vibrant atmosphere ​of Jemaa ​el-Fnaa square.

Rome, ​Italy
Rome’s ​timeless allure, ancient ​ruins, and ​delectable cuisine make ​it an ​enchanting destination for ​solo travelers. ​Explore the Colosseum ​and Roman ​Forum, toss a ​coin into ​the Trevi Fountain, ​and indulge ​in authentic Italian ​pasta.

Rio ​de Janeiro, Brazil
​Rio de ​Janeiro’s vibrant culture, ​stunning beaches, ​and iconic landmarks ​offer an ​unforgettable experience for ​solo travelers. ​Visit Christ the ​Redeemer, soak ​up the sun ​at Copacabana ​Beach, and immerse ​yourself in ​the city’s lively ​samba scene.

​Siem Reap, Cambodia
​Siem Reap’s ​ancient temples, including ​the world-famous ​Angkor Wat, make ​it a ​captivating destination for ​solo travelers. ​Explore the Angkor ​Archaeological Park, ​visit local villages, ​and learn ​about Cambodia’s history ​and culture.

​Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam’s ​picturesque canals, ​artistic heritage, and ​liberal atmosphere ​make it a ​unique destination ​for solo travelers. ​Explore world-class ​museums like the ​Rijksmuseum, rent ​a bike to ​tour the ​city, and enjoy ​the cafe ​culture.

Cape Town, ​South Africa
​Cape Town offers ​a unique ​blend of natural ​beauty and ​urban excitement. Climb ​Table Mountain, ​visit the Cape ​of Good ​Hope, and explore ​the city’s ​vibrant neighborhoods.

Istanbul, ​Turkey
Istanbul’s ​fascinating blend of ​cultures, historic ​landmarks, and delicious ​cuisine creates ​an unforgettable experience ​for solo ​travelers. Visit the ​iconic Hagia ​Sophia, cruise along ​the Bosphorus ​Strait, and indulge ​in traditional ​Turkish delights.


​Embarking on ​a solo travel ​adventure can ​be an incredibly ​rewarding experience. ​From the tranquil ​temples of ​Kyoto to the ​bustling streets ​of Bangkok and ​the breathtaking ​landscapes of Queenstown, ​these 25 ​best international destinations ​offer something ​for every solo ​traveler. Remember ​to embrace the ​journey, step ​out of your ​comfort zone, ​and immerse yourself ​in the ​unique cultures and ​experiences each ​destination has to ​offer. Happy ​travels!

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